About the Institute with objectives:
At present the AHRCC, Cuttack is one of the 29th Regional Cancer Centre of the country which was established on 2.2.1981 and has been converted to an autonomous body on 24.4.1984 being registered under Societies of Registration Act. 1860. The erstwhile cancer wing (Radiotherapy Department) of the SCB Medical College, Cuttack has been upgraded to Regional Cancer Centre for Research & Treatment (RCCR&T) and afterwards AHRCC with a view to developing it into an integrated complex providing Research, Investigation, Early Detection, Public Awareness and Treatment of cancer cases. It caters the patients of whole state of Orissa and its neighbouring states such as Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand & Chatisgarh.

The objectives for which the society is established are:

aTo undertake basic, applied and statistical research in various specialities of oncology.
b)Generation of technical and scientific man-power in the various specialities of oncology in collaboration with the Medical Colleges of the State.
i)To organise and conduct under-graduate, post-graduate and doctoral training for medical personnel in specialities like Radiation Oncology, Nuclear Medicine, Immunology, Tumour and Radiation Pathology, Bio-Cheminstry, Cytology and Cancer Epidemiology.
ii)To organise and conduct post-graduate and doctoral courses in Radiation Physics, Immunology Bio-Chemistry, Radiation Pathology, Radio-Biology, Cyto-Genetics, Cell-Biology, Molecular Biology and Cancer Epidemiology for non-medical scientists.
iii)To organise paramedical courses in laboratory science, Nuclear Medicine, Radio-therapy, Radiodiagnosis, Cytology, Nursing and Cancer epidemiology.
iv)To train members of medical profession in Medical specialities related on Oncology.

c)To provide modern and advanced clinical service to cancer patients in collaboration with the Medical Colleges within the state.
d)To institute professorship, readership and fellowship and other teaching and research positions for the above purposes.

e)To design preventive service for the General Health Care, Delivery System for extension to other areas.
f)To conduct lectures, seminars, study groups, workshops, conferences on problem related to cancer.
g)To organise and Tumour Registry on modern lines.
h)To institute and maintain an up-to-date library related to various specialities of cancer.
i)To publish research papers, treaties, books and periodicals and other literature relating to various specialities of cancer.
j)To work in collaboration with other medical institutions, Health Service Department, other Universities, aid agencies and institutions of repute and to co-ordinate with other societies in the pursuit of any of the above objects.
k) To do all such things and perform all such acts as may be necessary or appropriate or incidential for achievement of any or all of the above objects.