Procedure for seeking financial assistance For treatment at private & other hospitals under “OSTF”:-

The eligible patients will not be admitted into empanelled private hospitals as a case of first entry. They must be referred from Govt. Medical College or by the CDMOs / CMOs as have been authorised by Govt. (Subject to modification from time to time)-Annexure- F.

The referral of the patients by the Government Hospitals will be subject to following conditions:-

i. On non-availability of the required treatment in the concerned Govt. Hospitals.

ii. Where the patient will have to wait inordinately to avail the treatment.

iii. On recommendation of a team headed by Superintendent/CDMO with at least 2 other faculty members/ Senior M.O.

In emergency case (cardiac arrest, road accident etc.) patient will get himself admitted to the empanelled private hospital without being referred. However, the authority of private hospital will intimate such admission to DMET within 24 hours. On being satisfied that the patient was suffering from disease requiring immediate treatment, DMET will approve covering such patient under OSTF fold.

The Private Hospitals on admission of the patients will provide the required treatment and claim the treatment cost from DMET, Odisha after discharge of the patient.

The dues of the Private Hospitals will be cleared by the DMET, Odisha within one month from the date of receipt of the bill.
Funds will be released in favour of Private Hospitals towards the treatment of eligible patients as per CGHS rate applicable to the city where the hospital is located or the actual cost of treatment whichever is less.