OSTF will be a top up to RSBY. The patient will be covered under RSBY at the first assistance and where the amount of assistance required exceeds the limit of RSBY, the patient will be provided assistance under OSTF.

Treatment cost so approved shall be within the upper limit of Rs.3.00 lakh (Rupees three lakh only).

The sanction of Medical College & Hospital / Capital Hospital / RGH shall be limited to Rs.1.00 lakh per case. Where the quantum of assistance exceeds Rs.1.00 lakh, Superintendent of Medical College & Hospitals, Superintendent, SVPPGIP, Director, AHRCC with the approval of the Revenue Divisional Commissioner and CMO of Capital Hospital, BBSR and RGH, Rourkela with the approval of DMET, Odisha can sanction up to Rs.2.00 lakh. If the quantum of assistance exceeds Rs.2.00 lakh the case will be referred to Member Secretary (DMET, Odisha) of the Executive Body of the Society for consideration and approval.

The sanction of District Head Quarters Hospitals shall be limited to Rs.30,000/- per case. Where the quantum of assistance exceeds Rs.30,000/- CDMO with the approval of the Collector-cum-District Magistrate concerned can sanction up to Rs.50,000/-.

For assistance over and above Rs.3.00 lakh, approval of the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Odisha needs to be obtained.

The cost of treatment in respect of a patient will be as per the actuals or the ceiling limit prescribed for different diseases under Central Government Health Scheme, whichever is less. The items not mentioned in CGHS package will be as per actuals which includes admissible amount like; investigations, cost of medicines, procedure charges, etc.