*   Established on 15th July 1996.
*   Registration under Societies Act 1860.
*   Registration Number 7183-151 of 1996-1997


The function of the council is to inspect all the blood bank [Govt.,Public sector & Private] regularly for implementation of "National Blood Safety Programme”. The programme and activities of the State Council shall cover the entire range of services related to operation and requirements of blood banking system and transfusion medicine starting from grouping, cross matching, donor selection, collection of blood, proper preservation, transportation, utilization, component separation and apheresis including resources to lunch effective motivation through formation of Voluntary Blood donors Association by elimination of professional blood donors. It will lunch programme for voluntary blood donation camp in educational institution, labour and industrial organization, different civic bodies by utilizing all media. The training of Blood Bank Officers, Laboratory Technicians, Motivators and counselors will be conducted by the Council. Quality control of whole blood and blood products is one of the activities of the Council.

It will impress the Govt. to send the in-service doctors to attend seminar, conference and short course, training in Transfusion Medicine & Immunohaematology inside & outside the state.

Longterm objectives:

  • Introduction of Transfusion Medicine in under graduate & post-graduate courses.
  • All the doctors should get 15days training during housemanship.
  • Regular training of Blood Bank Officers, Lab.Technicians & users of blood throughout the year batch by batch.
  • Establishment of therapetic units in all Blood Banks.
  • Component separation units in large Blood Banks.
  • Supply of Elisa Reader with printer & washer to all Blood Banks.
  • HIV,HbsAg,Hepatitis C ,VDRL test kits to all Blood Banks.
  • Bone Marrow Transfusion.
  • H.L.A typing.
  • Cord blood banking.
  • Sten cell transfusion.
  • Inactivation of virus.
  • Therapetic plasmapheressis
In pursuance of the orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in the writ petition [Civil] No-91 of 1992 the “State Blood Transfusion Council” was formed on dt. 25/07/1997 in the State of Orissa. The State Blood Transfusion Council is an autonomous, policy formulating, regulatory and implementing body in relation to all matters pertaining to operation of blood banks in the State.

The programme and activities of the State Council shall cover the entire range of  services related to operation and requirements of blood banks including the launching of effective motivation campaigns through utilization of all media for stimulating voluntary blood donation, launching programmes of blood donation in educational institutions, among the labour industry and trade, establishments & organizations of various services including civic bodies, training of personnel in relation to all operations of blood collection, storage and utilization, separation of blood components, proper labeling, proper storage and transport, quality control and archiving system, cross matching of blood between donors and recipients, separation and storage of components of blood and all the basic essentials of the operations of blood banking. Therefore, it was felt necessary that all blood banks functioning in the State shall be affiliated to the “State Blood Transfusion Council, Orissa “Within three months from the formulation of these guidelines, so that it will be possible for the Council to get the correct statistical data of the blood banks relating to facilities, deficiencies, blood figure, staff, licence status and feasibility for upgradation, if any.

[a]      Each blood bank operating in the State of Orissa whether under State Govt., Central Govt., State Govt. Undertaking, Indian Red Cross Society, autonomous bodies, private or any other agency must be affiliated to the Council on or before December’2002 and obtain certificate of affiliation for a period of five years at a stretch.

[b]     Each blood bank will apply for affiliation both fresh & renewal, to the Director, State Blood Transfusion Council, Orissa in the prescribed proforma enclosing a bank draft for Rs.1000.00 [Rupees one thousand] only for five years in favour of “The President, State Blood Transfusion Council, Orissa, Health & Family Welfare Deptt.,Orissa” before December’2002. This will be given effect from January’2003 and renewal after five years. The application for renewal will be submitted to the Council before three months of expiry. If submitted after the expiry date the application shall accompany an additional fee for Rs.100.00 [Rupees one hundred only] as late fee per month or a part thereof.

[c]     The Director, State Blood Transfusion Council, Orissa will issue certificate of affiliation on receipt of application in the prescribed proforma along with the fees after proper verification as per Drugs & Cosmetics Act.

The blood banks will apply to the Director, State Blood Transfusion Council, Orissa for affiliation in the prescribed Performa [Annexure-A] along with the fee. The Director, State Blood Transfusion Council, Orissa being satisfied with the requisite documents after proper verification shall issue affiliation certificate as per Annexure-B within 30 days. The cause of rejection of application, if any, shall be intimated with reasons.
The aggrieved blood bank may file appeal against the order of the Director, State Blood Transfusion Council, Orissa before the Principal Secretary/Commissioner-cum-Secretary to the Govt. of Orissa, H & F. W. Deptt.  Within 30 days of receipt of the order. The decision of the appellate authority shall be final.