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Department of Health & Family Welfare Government of Odisha

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About Us

Government of Orissa have recognized Ayurveda, Unani & Homeopathy systems of medicine and taken effective measures for promotion and utilization of these systems of treatment for health care of the people. Prior to the year 1968 the activities of Indian systems of medicine and Homeopathy were looked after by the Directorate of Health Services, Orissa. It was during June,1968, the state Government  decided to have a separate Directorate for Indian systems of medicine and Homeopathy to look after  its activities and development  in the state. The Directorate started functioning independently during September,1972. From June,1968 to September,1972 the peripheral Ayurvedic and Homeopathic institutions were looked after by the Superintendent of Ayurvedic Institutions, Orissa and the Chief Medical Officer, Homeopathy, Orissa. These two offices were merged in the Directorate of Indian Medicines and Homeopathy, Orissa  in the year 1982 vide Government Resolution No.37168/H,dated 20.10.1982.

The Directorate of Indian Medicines and Homeopathy, Orissa is headed by a Director and assisted by two Deputy Directors, one for Indian Medicine and other for Homeopathy. One Chief Medical Officer, Homeopathy, one Drugs Inspector (Ayurveda),one Establishment officer and one Accounts officer. At the district level 11 Ayurvedic Inspectorates and 9 Homeopathic Inspectorates have been supervising functioning of 1188  AYUSH dispensaries( 619 Ayurvedic,09 Unani & 560 Homeopathic dispensaries)covering 30 districts in the state. Principals of 3 Govt,. Ayurvedic colleges and 4 Govt. Homeopathic colleges have been looking after education & training in respective system and hospitals attached to colleges.

The Director, Indian Medicines & Homeopathy, Orissa is the Drug Licensing Authority for ASU (Ayurveda, Siddha & Unani)drugs in the state. Three Government Ayurvedic pharmacies and one mini Homeopathic pharmacy have been functioning under the Directorate for manufacture & supply of medicines to hospitals and dispensaries in the state.