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Department of Health & Family Welfare Government of Odisha

About Us

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About Us

SIH&FW under Health & FW Deptt. Govt. of Odisha, and also a part of NIHFW, New Delhi has carved a nick for itself among other Health Directorates. Established in the year 1994, the Institute with the passage of time have grown up from strength to strength & broaden its base. In the recent years, SIH&FW has been providing specialized technical support services to the health sector professionals from capacity building to capacity strengthening. The Regional Resource Centre and Centre of Excellence have together added zing to its capacity & visibility.

The SIH&FW in Odisha has taken up capacity building initiatives both for the civil societies as well as those with the mainstream health service providers through its different wings. Moreover, the institute has taken up special capacity buildings programmes for the PHEOs/BPMs/BAMs In addition to PRI members with its objective oriented training schedule.


To bring an improvement in health seeking behaviour of the community through continuous capacity building of the service providers engaged in the health service delivery


To bring different health service providers, Agencies & institutions into a common fold & to ensure the increased capacity of these institutions.


The overall objectives are to create awareness among the community about implementation of different schemes and programmes under Health & Family Welfare Department and to encourage community participation in prevention and control of diseases as given below:

  1. Health promotion and Human Resource Development.
  2. Orientation training for field staff.
  3. Development of Training Resource Materials with technical support from National Institute of Health & Family Welfare ,New Delhi.
  4. To function as Collaborating Training institute for R.C.H. training programme.
  5. Designing and Development of Programme based and Audience centred I.E.C. materials for health promotion and disease prevention/control.
  6. Providing I.E.C. training and Mass Media Support services to all Health and Family Welfare programmes implemented in the State.
  7. To promote System Research related to Health and Family Welfare Sector.
  8. To liaise with different institutions of repute (inside and outside the State) for exchange of enriched ideas & experiences.
  9. Conducting Professional Development Course (PDC) and PNDT course for senior Medical Officers of different regions at national level.
  10. To build up the capacity of Civil Society Organisations in providing/facilitating health care services in unserved /underserved areas supported by H&FW Deptt. across the state.
  11. By providing a platform for advocacy to facilitate GO-NGO networking.
  12. Building partnerships with different development partners like BBC,DFID,UNICEF,PHFI to strengthen the IEC/BCC programmes.

Facilities available at SIH&FW (O)

  • The SIH&FW has specialized set up that facilitates training programmes, seminars as well as workshops related to Health.
  • The main building has the Academic and Administrative Block, Computer Laboratory, Library, Conference Hall, Lecture Theatre, Lecture Hall and Seminar Hall which are well equipped that ensures proper completion of the training programme.
  • The Institute has a unique Computer Laboratory (20nos. of Computer) with Internet connectivity. This facility is used for hands on skill development as well as facilitating other health trainings.
  • The Institute has its own Printing Press with Bi-Colour Offset Machine. All the printing works of the Health &Family Welfare Department are undertaken at this Press.

The Institute maintains its own hostel complex with moderate boarding facilities for the participants of various training programmes / workshops within the campus with nominal charges.