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Department of Health & Family Welfare Government of Odisha

Directorate of Public Health

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Directorate of Public Health

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As on date 30.4.2011

Directorate of Public Health Services, Orissa, Bubaneswar

Sl.No Name of the Officer Designation Office Mobile No.
1 Dr.Upendra Ku. Sahoo Director Public Health, Orissa ( I / C) 2396977 9437348631
2 Dr.Susil Ch. Rath Addl. Director (P.H.), Orissa 2391230 9439990223
3 Dr. Saroj Ku. Behera Jt. Director (P.H.), Orissa


4 Dr.B.K.Panda Jt. Director ( W.M. & M.H.), Orissa   9439996553
5. Dr. Bikash Patnaik State Nodal Officer IDSP 2390466 9437040564
6. Shri Sesadeba Das Dy. Director (V.S.) 2323313 9437303334
7 Shri K.M. Naik Estt. Officer (P.H.) 2323311 9437009679