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Procedure for seeking treatment assistance at District Hospitals / Capital Hospitals / RGH Under “OSTF”

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Procedure for seeking treatment assistance at District Hospitals / Capital Hospitals / RGH Under “OSTF”

The head of all Clinical Departments in the DHH / Capital Hospital, Bhubaneswar / RGH, Rourkela will be designated as Nodal Officer for OSTF.
The patient will submit the application form in the prescribed format with all necessary documents attached, to the Nodal Officer.
After due scrutiny of the application, it will be forwarded to the Screening Committee through ADMO (Medical) / Dy. CMO of Capital Hospital / RGH.
The Screening Committee at the District Hospitals shall be constituted under the chairmanship of the Chief District Medical Officer of the respective district / CMO, Capital Hospital / RGH and other members will be ADMO (Medical) at DHH / Dy. CMO, Capital Hospital / RGH and another Medical Officer, on rotation basis for a period of two years, of the rank of Joint Director Level-II / Senior Class-I as will be nominated by the CDMO / CMO of the concerned institution.
The meeting of the Screening Committee shall be held every alternate day and will examine the documents submitted by the applicants duly forwarded by the MO of the concerned discipline, where the patient is admitted.
If the Committee approves the same, the treatment of the patient will be done free of cost at the hospital, strictly restricted to the amount sanctioned.

The sanctioning power of the Committee shall be limited to Rs.30,000/- only for District Headquarter Hospital and Rs.1.00 lakh for Capital Hospital and RGH. Where the quantum of assistance exceeds Rs.30,000/-, CDMO with the approval of the Collector-cum-District Magistrate concerned can sanction up to maximum limit of Rs.50,000/-. For CMO, Capital Hospital, BBSR and RGH, Rourkela, if the treatment cost exceeds Rs.1.00 lakh, the same will be referred to DMET, Odisha for approval.

Director / CMO / CDMO will sanction the treatment cost for which they are empowered and ensure continuance of treatment of patient pending approval of designated authority for the sanction of balance required amount.

A separate bank account in State Bank of India, nearer to the DHH / Capital Hospital / RGH will be opened with the signature of CDMO / CMO, ADMO (Medical) of DHH / DDO and one of the Specialists to operate the fund. Amount can be withdrawn with signature of at least two of the account holders.
Each and every document relating to the patient alongwith the application forms shall be kept in proper custody in the office of ADMO (Medical) / DDO of the concerned Institution.
Necessary books of accounts and other records are to be maintained at their level as per guidelines, which will be produced to audit as and when required.
Bi-monthly SOE/UC as per OGFR Norms alongwith achievement report, are to be submitted by the DDO concerned to the Treasurer of the Society in time for release of additional fund.
Monthly achievement shall be reported in the format attached as Annexure- E.