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Who are eligible to get assistance

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Who are eligible to get assistance

It is applicable to persons below the poverty line, person with annual family income not exceeding Rs.40,000/- in rural area and Rs.60,000/- in urban areas. Either BPL card / AAY card or annual income certificate issued by concerned Tahasildar will be accepted for determining the eligibility.
RSBY card holder is also eligible under this scheme.
An unknown accident victim, patients duly referred from registered destitute home / orphanage / mental asylum / Child care Institutions are also eligible for assistance under the scheme subject to citing sufficient reason thereof for recommending the patient under the scheme.
The Central Government / State Government / PSU employees are not eligible.

Assistance will be available only to patients undergoing treatment as in-patient in any of the Govt./Empanelled private hospitals. However this will not restrict :

  1. Cancer patients from getting chemo in Govt. Day Care Centre without being formally admitted.
  2. Patients who have undergone kidney transplantation at Govt. Hospitals from getting post-operative care including supply of free medicines and investigation up to 6 months from the date discharge.
Assistance will not be available for reimbursing the expenditure incurred by the applicant. The date of application seeking financial assistance should be during the course of treatment.

Re-imbursement of medical expenditure already incurred for treatment / operation shall not be permissible.

Diseases of common nature and disease for which treatment is available free of cost under other health programmes / schemes will not be covered.
Assistance will normally not be provided where medical coverage under ESI, CGHS or any other scheme is available or where there is a provision for reimbursement of cost of medicine.
Any person shall be assisted once in a financial year. Repeat assistance for the same ailment shall not be allowed in any case. However, this will not be a bar for receiving the treatment assistance in phased manner for diseases like Cancer, Collagen disease, Renal failure etc.