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Department of Health & Family Welfare Government of Odisha

Drug Policy

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Drug Policy


1.1 To make available good quality drugs and medical consumables at the right time and as per the required quantity to patients in all government health institutions within the funds available for this purpose.

To ensure the rational use of drugs@ in all government health institutions.

To ensure this the following practices will be followed :

2.1 An Essential Drug* List (EDL) will be drawn up and updated every two (2) years. A Committee (Annexure – II) will revise and update the list. The present Essential Drug List 2002 of Health and Family Welfare Department of Orissa contains 290 items (Annexure-I).

2.2 All important activities such as Procurement, Accounts, Quality Control, Warehouse Monitoring, etc., will be done electronically for total, error free, strong, logical based management.

2.3 Standard Treatment Guidelines (STG) will be prepared by an Expert Committee for common diseases prevalent in Orissa. This will be revised and updated every two (2) years. STG will be followed by all the treating health personnel in government institutions.