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Central Redcross Blood Bank

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Central Redcross Blood Bank


The Central Red Cross Blood Bank, Cuttack was inaugurated in the year 1959 by Dr.Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India. This is the first blood bank of the State of Orissa. It was primarily designed to meet the blood requirements of S.C.B.Medical College Hospital, Cuttack. But over a period of last 48 years, the total collection of blood in this blood bank has increased to 34175 units (2006-07). It is relevant to mention here that this premier blood bank is one amongst the five leading blood banks of the country, taking into consideration the quantum of total blood collection. The supply area of this blood bank has expanded which now includes the following institutions.

  • About two third of blood requirement of S.C.B.Medical College Hospital, Cuttack (balance is met through their own blood bank)
  • Acharya Harihar Regional Centre for Cancer Research and Treatment, Cuttack
  • City Hospital, Cuttack
  • Peripheral Govt. hospitals
  • Post Graduate Institute of Paediatric, Cuttack
  • E.S.I.Hospital, Choudwar
  • Nearly 70 Nursing homes and private hospitals in the city of Cuttack and its vicinity

Who is Who

This blood bank has a Managing Committee consisting of.

  1. Sri Padmanav Samal,IAS (Retd.) At:Nua-Rausa patana, PO:Buxi Bazar, Cuttack


  1. Prof.Dr.Nimain Charan Parija At:Aronoday Market Cuttack
  2. Shri Pitamber Jena, OAS(Retd.) Prajatantra premises PO:Chandini Chowk, Cuttack
  3. Shri Debrata Sinha, Secretary, Cuttack District Voluntary Blood Donor & Motivators Association, At: Godhuli Lane, Tulsipur Cuttack
  4. Shir Rabiratna Das, Honorary Secretary, Indian Red Cross Society, Orissa State Branch, At: Red Cros Bhavan, Unit-IX, Sachivalay marg, Bhubaneswar
  5. Director of Health services, Orissa, Bhubaneswar
  6. Director of Medical Education & Training. Orissa
  7. Drugs Controller, Orissa, Bhubaneswar
  8. Collector Cuttack –cum-Chairperson, IRCS Cuttack District Branch
  9. Superintendent of Police Cuttack
  10. Mayor, Cuttack Municipal Corporation, Cuttack
  11. Superintendent, S.C.B.Medical College Hospital, Cuttack

Member Convenor:-

  1. Director, Central Red Cross Blood Bank, Cuttack

The routine working of the blood bank is looked after by the Director.


Our Activities:

  • Collection, processing & issue of blood
    • Blood is collected -
      • From replacement donors in the blood bank
      • From individual voluntary donors at blood bank
      • From voluntary donors in groups in different outdoor voluntary blood donation camps.

The quantum of collection of whole blood is as below.

Year Total Collection of Blood Units Voluntary Collection of Blood Units Replacement collection of Blood Units
2001-02 24692 1684 23008
2002-03 27606 5985 21621
2003-04 27480 8047 19433
2004-05 29969 13013 16956
2005-06 31795 19109 12686
2006-07 34175 21507 12668
  • Preparation of blood components

A portion of the ground floor was renovated by funding from the MPLAD of Justice R.N.Mishra, M.P.Rajya Shabha, formerly Chief Justice of India and was inaugurated on 05th June 2003 by him. Since then the components are being prepared and supplied to the needy patients. The progress can be seen from the following table.

Items 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07
Packed Red Cells





Saline Washed RBCs





Platelet Concentrate





Fresh Frozen Plasma





Single Donor Platel (SDP)

55 (from 01-04-07 to 31-12-07)

  • Preparation of Single Donor platelet (SDP)

One state of the art modern cell separator machine (Baxter-Amicus) has been installed in this blood bank and operationalized since July 2007, after mandatory licensing by the drugs authority. It is proving immensely beneficial to patients undergoing treatment in Cancer Hospitals, Haematology units and Intensive care units including a few proven cases of dengue fever.

  • Blood Irradiation

We have installed a gamma-irradiator machine, at a cost of around Rs.18 lakhs this year from Board of Radiation Isotopes Technology, Mumbai. Irradiation of fresh blood, platelet concentrates is necessary to avoid occurrence of Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD). The blood units are irradiated on specific requirement of the blood indenting clinicians.

  • Additional laboratory service for the patients

Besides collection, processing, storage and distribution of safe blood to the needy patients, the blood bank also gives additional services by way of some laboratory tests like direct Coombs test, indirect Coombs tests, anti-HCV antibody test, HBsAg test and ABO grouping & Rh typing of referred patients from Govt. & private hospitals of the city.

  • Blood transfusion in thalassaemia daycare transfusion unit.

With the funds available from district Red Cross, a portion of the ground floor of the building was renovated and a Thalassaemia Transfusion Unit has been inaugurated by His Excellency the Governor of Orissa Sri M.M.Rajendran on 31st July 2004. Now, this unit has twelve beds to give blood transfusion to thalassaemia patients on all working days. So far, we have been able to care for 370 thalassaemia patients. As a matter of principle, they are being transfused saline washed RBC/ leucoreduced packed RBC to completely avoid allergic reaction and reduce the chances of HLA immunisation. During 2006-07, a total 2947 units of blood was transfused in our day-care unit.  

  • Training in blood banking technology

This blood bank being the premier one in the state, has taken the responsibility of imparting training to doctors and laboratory technicians in Blood Banking Technology & Immunohaematology to run the peripheral blood banks of the state in collaboration with State Blood Transfusion Council, Orissa.

  • Voluntary blood collection drive

This blood bank has been conducting outdoor voluntary blood donation camps with its limited staff and vehicle for several years. The response is now encouraging.
However, we have now printed and have been distributing IEC materials (motivational pamphlets & posters) for propagating the message of voluntary blood donation amongst various institutions. As per the advice of Collector-cum-Chairman, Cuttack District Red Cross and our support the Cuttack District Voluntary Blood Donors and Motivators Association has been formed with its office located in this blood bank. Though this association is in its infancy now, we are hopeful that this will help in arranging increased numbers of blood donation camps for this blood bank.


Ph :-        0671-2302258, 0671-2305643
Fax :-      0671-2302258
E-mai l:- &

Postal address: Central Red Cross Blood Bank,
Medical Road,
Mangalabag, Cuttack-753007